In this engaging book, Harrington draws on his wealth of experience and deep biblical wisdom to demonstrate the inseparability of mercy and justice. It calls us to look anew at how we practice our faith in a society dominated by self-interest and a narrative of justice. Reading No Mercy, No Justice might just change the way you live the Gospel.
— Elaine A. Robinson, Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University

As a lawyer and pastor, Reverend Brooks Harrington loves speaking with groups. If your church or group would like Brooks to be a guest minister or speaker, or if you would like to schedule a book reading and signing, please complete the following form. Because Brooks works as a pro bono lawyer for the Methodist Justice Ministry (a non-profit he founded, and for which he serves as legal director), and all net proceeds benefit the ministry, we request that all expenses be paid by the requesting group, as well as an honorarium be provided as a donation directly to the Methodist Justice Ministry.

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