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There are those among us who want to help fix our broken world, who crave more than what seems to be offered by the culture we live in, who believe that helping equates to worshipping. Is that you?

If you’re curious about the complementary nature of mercy and justice, we invite you to explore God’s compassionate directive, and learn more in Rev. Brooks Harrington’s book, “No Mercy, No Justice”.

Will Willimon, former Bishop of the United Methodist Church and now the Dean of the Chapel at Duke Divinity School,  wrote “Brooks Harrington has given us an amazing book – at once personal testimony from his significant experiences as an attorney and a pastor to the marginalized, then creative and invigorating biblical interpretation, all cast by a Christian with a passionate commitment to the embrace of justice and mercy. This book will change how you look at our criminal justice system, the parables of Jesus, and the Christian life.”

About the Author

Brooks Harrington is the founder of the Methodist Justice Ministry, a pro bono legal ministry that provides legal protections and supportive services for indigent victims of child abuse and family violence. He has been a Marine infantry office, a criminal prosecutor in Washington D.C., a litigator in private practice, an ordained United Methodist elder, and the pastor of an inner-city church.

Today, Brooks dedicates his time and energy toward helping the clients of the Methodist Justice Ministry; all net proceeds from the sale of No Mercy, No Justice, as well as all speaking honorariums will directly benefit the ministry. Click here for more about Brooks. To learn how to request Brooks as a speaker at your church or event, please click here.